This weekend has been an unusual one for sure! With the weather reaching the 60’s, my furry babies were enjoying hanging out all day outside! I found tranquility in sitting in front of one of our fire pits to enjoy the evening! The peace and serenity here at the lake is nothing short of true Zen! As I looked up and saw the stars above me and saw the moon dance off the water felt even more at peace even when I feel the dust storm of our construction around me. At least that is one thing I can count on here at the lake…the feeling of tranquility.

Yesterday people were milling around all over town enjoying this gorgeous weather! In Fontana…Chuck’s was so packed that the bar was 3 deep to order lunch, so we wondered over to Novak’s and had an amazing salad and pizza! We then went into Lake Geneva itself and wound up in bumper to bumper traffic with everyone looking at the water and people venturing out onto the ice…not a smart move in warm weather for sure!

Today will be another gorgeous day here “At the Lake”. I think I’m going to take my furry babies for a walk around the lake! I hope you enjoy this gorgeous day!